We present the 2020 Sustainability Report

What are the impacts that we generate during our productive activity as a textile company?

Carbon footprint, water footprint, eutrophication and waste generation are concepts with which we are familiar, but … Do companies know the scope of the emissions generated during our normal activity? What is the socio-economic impact generated by the productions that we captained in the community? In the Sustainability Report developed by @bcome_conscious where he analyzes the impacts that the OCCGuarantee® Project generates from four complementary angles; good practices for the planet, for people, exercises of transparency and level of circularity of the productive system.

Since only when we are aware of reality can we improve it, at Organic Cotton Colours we have proposed to know 100% the cost that our activity entails for the planet and for the people who inhabit it. The report analyzes the data from a dual vision. It takes into account and evaluates the impacts of the set of productions, discerning between the two origins with which Organic Cotton Colours operates; Origin Brazil and origin Turkey. Second, it proposes the comparison with a conventional cotton production process in India so that we are able to size the data according to the most common production dynamics worldwide. In this way we obtain concrete numbers that will highlight the efficiency or not of our processes, what improvement mechanisms we have to take into account and where and when we have to apply them.

To make the data easy to interpret, we have simplified the results taking everyday equivalences as a unit of measure … How many glasses of water do we save by producing an OCCGuarantee® T-shirt?

Do not stop consulting it!

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