In Organic Cotton Colours we love to be in touch with new and young talents, full of vitality, ideas and new ways of approaching situations.
Recently we have had the pleasure of being a source of study and inspiration for the IED students, the International School of Design, Fashion, Visual Arts and Communication in Barcelona, 

Organic Cotton Colours has been analyzed from three points of view:
Brand Communication: What do we say, how and to whom, etc.
Recycling: How to optimize the waste we produce? How to reintroduce waste fabrics in the cycle of use and consumption?
Upcycling: The most focused axis in fashion: How could OCC transform clothing that does not meet quality standards in an interesting product?

In the section ‘ Recycling ‘ the objective was to optimize the waste generated by combing the cotton. When combing the cotton, it releases short fibers that do not serve to produce yarn. Many companies throw this part of the cotton fiber away because they tag it of “useless” but in OCC we use those fibers to fill cushions or mattresses and to produce paper. The challenge here posed was what new use could be given to those fibers to further reduce the residue footprint.

For the upcycling section, Organic Cotton Colours gave freely a consigment of boxers with a pattern defect so that students could develop their creativity with them. And of course they did! It is astonishing the reinvention capacity that IED students have seen in a garment that had already been crossed out of
‘useless’ and ‘unfit’.

We leave you with some of the images of the students’s projects that will sure surprise you!

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