The OCCGuarantee fabric catalogue is growing fast… and straight from the west (Brazil) comes the new Brown Denim from 100% organic cotton, ideal for all types of denim clothes.

This are the fabric characteristics, for all the designers and creators who wish to use it to bring their clothes to life, whether they are trousers, vests, jackets or even bags:

Wide: 1,45m.
Weight: 370 gr.
Retail price: 39,60€

The OCCGuaranteee Brown Denim joins the single jersei, the rib jersey 1×1, the interlock, the openwork fabric, the square-weave, the piqué, the fleece, the loop towel and the woven fabrics already available in our online shop

We invite you to also take a look at the Projects with OCCGuarantee Soul, which include all the brands already working with our cotton to create their clothes in an ecological, transparent and sustainable way.

We are looking forward to see the first denim designs!