Organic cotton is not only for wearing it. You also can write on it, sketch landscapes or create art pieces. Organic Cotton Colours is loyal to #zerowaste philosophy. Therefore, we produce not only fabrics but also 100% organic OCCGuarantee paper.

How do we do it?

The raw material we use to elaborate the paper it is extracted during the cotton spinning process in which long fibres and short fibres are produced. The long fibres serve to elaborate threads whereas the short ones not because they can not be spinned. At this point, in Organic Cotton Colours we give a new life to the short fibres and turn them into filling for mattresses and pillows or in paper.

The bullets of short fibres of cotton are sent to the artisans Sastres Paperers who, following traditional methods (create a plaster with the cotton fibres, make a long and successive process of manual filtering and sedimentation of the dregs, followed by drying and pressing) elaborate papers (A4 and A3) of until 280 gr of grammage in the three natural colours of the OCCGuarantee cotton: raw, green and brown.

Besides we have worked a lot to achieve that our paper was apt for printing contributing him sufficient uniformity. In this way, if you have a printing project you can make it with OCCGuarantee paper. (It stops more information can consult to the ecological printing house Gràfiques Montserrat)

We leave you with some samples of the paper and the fantastic notebook. It is impossible to not become inspired with a notebook like this!