There are brave stories. Stories with values and values that do history. In the case of DRACS, it’s the three things.

Today we want to speak of DRAGONS, the concept store winner of Best Catalonia’s Business Initiative. Founded in 1990 by Amadeu Barbany i Grau was for many years a place of reception of multiple activities of leisure, cultural and social until in 2012 because of the crisis had to close its doors.

Nevertheless when there is value based in values, is possible to build stories that surpass obstacles. Therefore, in 2015 Dragons reopens with more strenght turning into a space where colive quality, design and vicinity; where one can attend to talks, workshops and courses to learn a conscious consumption. In DRACS one only will find products that go further of the mere commodity, brave products, with ethical, with values and with stories behind. Each product of the shop has an explicative label where are detailed the main characteristics and its classification: if it is a craft product, ecological, social, traditional, etc.

We are delighted to say that you will also find OCCGuarantee®️ products. This means that we are in a shop that goes beyond production for the production, a shop with a social background, compromised and ethical.

It is fantastic to see initiatives as DRACS since it is the way to create a social fabric and a consumption of quality. Believing and creating projects that support people, environment and work done with love and respect. Valuing each small detail and contributing a final product that transcend the mere commodity.

We leave you with some images and encourage you to visit their website or better still, the singular physical space.