Last weekend has been intensively enriching and productive. Once again we have been able to participate in the fair par excellence on sustainability materia: BIOCULTURA MADRID.

It has been great to be part of an event so well organized, covering so many sectors and which works as a cluster for companies, professionals and individuals who have an interest or a project related to sustainability.

What to say that all this would not be possible without you! Yes, all those who trust Organic Cotton Colors to dress your children, to create your own projects, so that we can accompany you in the dream every night and to be part of your closet. To all those who believe in making the world a better place by pulling the thread with little gestures THANK YOU! It has been a pleasure to receive a new year at our BioCultura Madrid stand.

It has also been great to find a lot of Projects with OCCGuarantee Soul in BioCultura: Cleoveo, SenseNu, Etikology, Maikyk … Thank you for choosing us to give life to your projects!

This year also has given us a very enriching experience: we had the fortune and pleasure to meet Anita, a 13 years old girl who was detected at 3 years of age a chronic degenerative illness that would cause her a total paralysis. His parents, in spite of the prognosis of his daughter, decided to make a radical change in their lives to find a way to cope. They consulted with doctors from all over the world and all kinds of disciplines. They decided to move away from urban pollution, follow a series of changes in Anita’s dietary guidelines and begin very specific physiotherapy treatments. The result? Anita is 13 years old and while she told us this after attending the talk that we gave next to Planeta Moda, she wrote calmly with her cell phone and told us that her dream is to open a sustainable fashion store in New York.

Stories like Anita’s one remind us that in life, above all, you always have pull and keep pulling the thread of dreams, until one day they weave reality.

We leave you with some photos of the OCC team after the event and Anita.