If they ask us, surely we will say that we look after ourselves daily.
We try to keep a balanced diet. We do exercise regularly. We wash our body, our face. We moisturize them.
Then now, imagine sleeping, activity which takes 7-8h per day every day, wrapped in chemicals such as etoxilates of nonilfenol, ftalatos, heavy metals, alquilfenoles…

Stop imagining. All these toxic chemists are present in the majority of non organic fabrics we use daily and many of them go through our skin when dress them, when sleep with them or dry us with them.

Some of the severe consequences on health that can comport are allergies, every day more common, psoriases, dermatitis for contact and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

The magnitude of the problem is of world-wide scale.

Near the 2,5 % of the arable surface of the world allocates to the plantations of cotton, and to his turn, these represent 25% of the worldwide pesticides used.

Although some measures of regularization the quantity of chemicals allowed in the preparation of fabrics and cloths, still does not exist a strict global rule upon the allowed exposure to some chemists considered highly toxic and the disarray is present widely on the textile industry.

Then, as a consumers which can do?

We can decide. We can decide what we use to wrap up in the nights what to use to dry our skin after a hot shower.

We can decide if our body will have a healthy “relation”: sleeping every night with fabrics of organic cotton and wiping us with towels and bath robes that do not poison our skin.

In our online shop, you will find bed sheets, quilts, towels and futons elaborated with 100% organic certificate cotton, free of dyes and chemical or synthetic substances, that will respect your skin avoiding the apparition of blotches, itchings and allergies and offering a better transpiration.