We bring you the second part of the articles on the importance of using organic fabrics on a day-to-day basis.

Today we will talk about underwear.

The textile industry has been inculcating for a long time the model of underwear to follow to raise our attractiveness: lace, silks, tight boxers of lycra, strips and impossible patterns … All for an empty aesthetics disconnected from health, body and environment.

But it is important to remember that the skin is the largest organ of the body and is highly porous and absorbent. Only from the outside it already receives a lot of toxic impacts every day, hour after hour: air pollution, residual contamination of food, electromagnetic pollution, etc.

So, why do you also intoxicate it from within by wearing fabrics full of polymers? The polymers come directly from the oil and our skin absorbs them slowly. Until one day says “enough”.
It is not by chance that they have severely increased the number of people affected by Multiple Chemical Syndrome (SQM) or suffering from various allergies in recent years.

We recall from our previous article that the cultivation of regular cotton accounts for 25% of the use of pesticides worldwide. All these pesticides and chemicals are not left alone in the field of cultivation but are absorbed by the cotton that we then expose to our skin for hours and hours.
From Organic Cotton Colors we want the skin only to be in contact with fabrics that pamper and care for it while taking care of the environment. With OCCGuarantee and its organic production we avoid contamination towards the organism and towards the land. The cultivation of our cotton is free of pesticides, fertilizers, chemicals, dyes or any kind of addition. Its intrinsic naturalness makes it hypoallergenic, very suitable for babies, for people with atopic skin, dermatitis or SQM and to take care of our most intimate areas.

You can make of the clothes that spend more hours with you, day after day, a little action that adds: quality, care and health.