Today we are gonna talk about why is so important to choose wisely the clothes we use with children. The important issue here is the skin. Did you know that baby’s skin can be up to 60% thinner than adult’s? This fact makes them more vulnerable to absorb polymers and other toxins which are present in conventional clothes.

Our skin has an important barrier to protect us against microorganisms that surround us: the corneal layer, it’s the outermost layer of the epidermis and the most impermeable.

Then, why is baby’s skin less protected than adult’s one? There are several factors to consider:

The corneal layer is very thin and slightly compact still. It’s a fact, the younger the skin, the higher absorption.

Melanin, our sun defender, is underdeveloped.

Higher vulnerability in front of oxygen reactions from free radicals: molecules which alter cell membrane and attack cells.

To sum up, it’s just a certain kind of “dermal immaturity” which makes so sensitive and permeable baby’s skin. For this reason is so important to the extent possible avoiding to expose them to toxins found in conventional and not organic clothes.

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