That moment when you realize their interest is in the why you do what you do and not the thing itself you do, when you see that they want to pull the thread of the important things, of the things that affect us all. When you see that you will have a few minutes to tell the story behind it, the story that builds the future that will come, the story that underpins all your actions, all your movements, you feel proud to share, to be able to spread, to be able to spread that enthusiasm, that experience.

Deuwatts, the science, health and environment program of the Betevé chain, wanted to pull the plug and gave us the opportunity to share before camera the rationale of the OCCGuarantee project this past January 16th.

A program of almost half an hour that addresses sustainable fashion from the journey that each garment lives to reach our closets and that puts on the table topics such as ethical fashion, sustainable materials or the level of knowledge about the initiatives that are being carried out.

We were able to share the program with very involved people like Raul Garcia from Inedit Innovació, Pepe Barguñó from Thinking Mu, Virginia Rondel upcycling designer and fashion journalist Laura Sangrà.

It has been a very enriching and very positive experience.

One more door that opens to tell the story of sustainable fashion. In addition, we have the delicacy and simplicity of the Deuwatts team, which did a magnificent production job.

What to say: thank you thank you and thank you.

We leave you with the program 🙂