Several decades ago, cork was a very used element in the construction segment, especially as thermal insulation in walls, floors and ceilings. But significant advances regarding its applicability have made it a material of interest in the sustainable fashion sector. But what makes it so special?

Cork is a totally natural material that is achieved thanks to the extraction of the outer bark of the cork oak, an evergreen tree native to Mediterranean lands, whose bark is regenerated annually. Its extraction does not affect ecosystem processes or damage the tree at all – but it is beneficial for it – it does not generate waste or is polluting and encourages employment in rural areas.

The cork fabric, which stands out for its lightness, insulation property and strength, is made by adopting thin layers of cork and adheres to several backs, such as cotton.

From the union of the organic cotton OCCGuarantee and cork are born the Rizo Hogar, the unisex socks, 100% organic terry socks and non-slip cork sole and cold insulator. Miles of walks around the house await you! They have a long service life and can be put in the washing machine.

The Rizo Hogar is a small step at home, but a great step for humanity 😉