Today we are going to continue talking about the toxins that you WON’T find in our OCCGuarantee organic cotton.

Let’s start with phthalates, mainly used as plastic softeners, especially in PVC. There’s a big concern about the phthalates toxicity for wildlife and human beings, in particular, about the hormonal disorders they cause, and that can affect the developement of the reproductive organs and reproduction process of mammals.

Even though the large prohibition in EU about the phthalates use in “Toys and kids-care items” has spread out to USA and China, the definitions in this regulation are not including items of clothing, which exposes our bodies to chemical substances cataloged as “very alarming” in REACH regulation.

On the other hand, the azoic-type dyes are the most used in textile markets, even though they are sinthesized from substances called arylamines, some of which are cancerous.

When we dress clothing pieces dyed with azoic-type pigments and these get in touch with human body, they can dissociate for the action of our enzimes and produce again their corresponding amines, with a high cancerous potential.

From Organic Cotton Colours we want to treat and make these issues public with any kind of scientific pretentions. All the information used to write this post comes from the GreenPeace’s “Toxic Threads” and “Little Monsters in Your Clothing” reports.