Knitted, wool, terry cloth, in colour raw, green, brown… Among OCCGuarantee fabrics you will find more than 40 references to give life to your designs. Infinite possibilities with natural born colours fabrics and free from everything you don’t want to be close to your skin: chemical and toxic.

From T-shirts, sweatshirt or trousers to bags, blankets, bathrobes and bathing clothes. Scores of designers already have collaborated with us and take part in Projects with Soul OCCGuarantee. With their designs they enlarge the values in which we believe in through craft, original and local products.
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We work actively to improve the life of many people affected with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome and similar pathologies through our fabrics. For this reason we offer the purest fabrics of the market, which are highly transpirables, do not accumulate static electricity and prevent cutaneos afections as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis …

In addition to our own certificate OCCGuarantee, we also count with GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard).Whenever you buy an OCC product, we provide the corresponding labels to certify its traceability free of charge.

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