Today is the turn to talk about Chlorobenzene. A group of chemical substances that you will NOT find in our OCCGuarantee fabrics. Chlorobenzenes are bioaccumulative and persistent chemicals, that is, once they are absorbed by the body they do not disappear with time. In the industry they have very varied applications such as fungicides or biocides, as components in pyrotechnic mixtures or in the production of elastic gums, solvents and pesticides. In the textile sector in particular, they are used as solvents during the dyeing process.

Within the group of chlorobenzenes, hexachlorobenzene (HCB) is the most toxic and can become carcinogenic. Hormonal disruption effects and negative effects on the central nervous system and the reproductive system have been observed.

Currently in Spain its production and use are prohibited. However, being also a by-product of other chemical reactions, its presence in soils, waters and tissues is considerable. In Europe, HCB is classified as a “priority hazardous substance” and a “persistent organic pollutant”.

From Organic Cotton Colors we want inform about this without any scientific pretension. All the information used to make this post comes from the reports “Toxic stitches” and “Small monsters in your clothes” from GreenPeace.
Image: Report “Toxic Stitches”