Today we bring you OCC manifesto as you have never seen it before. We present you the documentary project that for the first time shows in video all the phases of the OCCGuarantee organic cotton and explains in detail our reason to be. More than 3 years shooting all the material, many travels to Brazil and the great pleasure of working with a big team of people, as well as technicians and punctual contributors. It has been a very particular shooting, 100% “Natural thinking”: recording on a “natural” way (with all its consequences), flowing with the climate and with the unforeseen, which are always more than you expect, but which in the end, leave us

fantastic anecdotes to explain.

This is only the first one! We’ll share with you a whole serie of them!

Hope you enjoy so much watching it as we have enjoyed recording it ; )

OCCGuarantee Documentary Project | Video 1