This last 12 of June we participated in the IV Sustainable Fashion Forum, organised by Moda Sostenible Barcelona, at the Maritime Museum of Barcelona. It was very positive to take part giving a talk about sustainable practices and what means professionalism in the field of sustainability.

Besides, this year we had some special guests. Among the public there were members of Inditex and H&M. The presence of these spokespersons of a world diametrically opposed to which belonging most of the assistants, generated an intense and interesting debate.

The representatives of the fast fashion alleged that their companies carry out a lot of sustainable measures and invest a lot of money so be it.

Nevertheless, the sustainable area of the room had the same question on mind: Ok, you do good things, but for a company of these dimensions, from the total billing, what percentage represents the sustainable manufacturing?


It is not only about being good. Our negative actions leave an indeleble stain. They have an impact and consequences. And to larger scale, larger area of affectation. So, is not enough doing good things, (what with money and resources is relatively simple) but try to minimize doing hurtful things. For many sustainable practices that your company incorporates, if one of the usual practices is not sustainable at all, in the end the impact is magnified achieving tremendous dimensions.

A company that is sustainable is that one which all in all, acts sustainably among its possibilities and trying to harm the least possible to the people, to its surroundings, to the environment, to the future and to the habits of the consumers. A sustainable company is that one who knows the weight of its actions and acts accordingly.

We want to thanks to Moda Sostenible Barcelona creating a spacetime opened to the debate and the reflection and for the exchange of opinions, praxis and knowledges. Thank you and see you next year!

Thank you also to the photographers: Anahita and Rebeca Santos Leite.

*Photos of the talks: Anahita

*Photo of the outside of the event: Rebeca