We start a new cycle of periodical publications: “OCC Stories”, dedicated to the farmers who are part of OCCGuarantee project and make it possible. Today we are pleased to introduce you the story of Francisco de Assis Silva who at his 83 years old, continues to take care of the fields as the first day.

Francisco lives in Riacho do Sangue, in the municipality of Barra de Santa Rosa in Parahíba, along with other families of farmers. For 20 years, Maria do Socorro Henriques Silva is the woman who accompanies him on the great journey of his life and together they have built a family of nine children.

His life has always been in the countryside, whether it was growing cotton and other seeds, or chopping wood with his children to turn it into coal and selling it throughout the region. Currently Francisco is retired but he, above all, feels himself as a farmer. That is why he keeps on working on agriculture cultivating  Mocó cotton in agroecological consortiums.

The Parahíba region had once been a large cotton producer, but due to “bicud0’s” plague in the 80s which almost wiped out the Mocó seed, it had gone into decline. Thanks to the OCCGararantía Project and the involvement and motivation of hundreds of farmers like Francisco, the Moco variety has been recovered and the community of Parahíba has been strengthened economically.



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