We were looking forward to post the ‘Befora and After’ of our Bio Project… So here you have it. But first of all … Do you remember what was the Bio Project? Just in case, we do a recap:

A year and two months ago, we planted several OCC organic tissues in a pot to observe closely the biodegradation process under conditions that simulated those of the earth. Even so, we know that the lack of nutrients and moisture inherent to natural soil lengthen the biodegradation process.

For many months, we were taking pictures of the whole process, to see all the evolution. You can find the images on our Facebook and Instragram profile.

And now at last, after a year and two months, we have decided to open the pot to see what has really happened with our fabrics. Will we find a piece inside? Or will they have completely decomposed? Find it out in the second video!


This first video shows you can see how we placed all the fabrics and the soil inside the pot.

Video 2. What will have happened with OCC organic tissues?

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