Alkylphenols, phthalates, chlorobenzene … Do they sound familiar to you?
They should. They are chemicals used very frequently in many of the garments of your closet and they are very hazardous.

These commodities used in various textile processes, and especially in dyeing, are released in each wash and end up contaminating the wastewater, and water in general, of millions of textile factories and river regions.

Another alarming fact is that more than 30% of commodity chemicals used in the textile sector are actually recycled by-products from other industries. With which, unknowingly, impurities and toxins are being acquired unconsciously.

Recently, the Levi Straus brand carried out a study to understand why traces of these polluting chemicals continued to appear in the wastewater of their textile industries when they no longer used them, and that is when they discovered that the commodity chemicals they were using were already polluted with alquifenoles, phthalates and other substances.

Given the situation, the textile sector is making a transition towards stricter security measures and technical detection improvements in order to implement healthier and safer alternatives to avoid this filtration of pollutants through the commodity chemical products and wastewater.

You can find more information about these chemicals in:

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