A few days ago we had the pleasure of participating in the VIII Sustainable Fashion Day organized by Slow Fashion Next at the Costume Museum in Madrid. This year, in addition to all the excitement involved in participating in the sustainable fashion event in Spain, we were able to publicize a project in which we have been working for a while: the OCC Market.

The presentation took place during the round table about technology 4.0 and how it can help lead the textile industry towards a more sustainable path. During the talk, we were accompanied by Ignasi Eiriz, Founder and CEO of Ethical Time, Anna Cañadell, Co Founder of B · COME and moderator Ilyana Mendoza, Ceo & Founder Fashionbiz2.0.

We leave you a video of the talk for those who could not attend or for whom you want to see again;)

From minute 23 we present the OCC Market project: D

If you want to know more about the OCCMarket, click here

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