How many times has it happened to you that you spend more time deciding what to wear in the morning than enjoying breakfast? The fast fashion trend has led us to an existential state in which we believe we don’t have enough when we have too much. That is why it is important to stop for a second and reflect.

This reflection is leading many people to join the trend of the “capsule closet” or the challenge Project 333. A capsule closet is one that contains between 30 and 40 pieces of clothing maximum for each season, counting shoes and accessories, and not counting pajamas, sportswear and jewelry. The benefits of a capsule closet are psychological, environmental and economic, since the stress of having to decide between too many options is reduced, the consumption of clothing is reduced, and therefore, the production of textile waste.

But how do you simplify a closet without dying in the attempt? The key is to bet on the basic, practical and versatile garments, which are timeless and that combine with each other. If making the change of stroke is too drastic, it is better doing it progressively, reducing the number of garments each season.

To start, we leave you a brief guide with the steps to follow:

Step 1: Empty your entire closet. Divide all the clothes into three groups: the clothes you love, the one you don’t know very well what to do with it, and the one you haven’t worn during this last year. Those with which you have doubts, you can store them in a box and give them a second chance, but if you see that you don’t put them on the next season, donate them, give them away or recycle them.

Step 2: Choose the base colors of your closet. Neutral colors are easier to combine. The idea is that each item of clothing combines with at least two or three more.

Step 3: Once this is done, choose the 30-40 clothes you really want to wear. One tip is that you have for each lower part, three parts that can be combined together and totally different.

Step 4: Remember the basic rule of the capsule closet: for each garment that gets in, another one has to come out.

At first you may find it a bit weird to live with the feeling of having “so little”, but soon you will see that you have not only simplified your closet, but also your decisions, and that there is now more space in your life for other things that They fill you more. Also the next time you go shopping, you’ll know exactly what you need and won’t buy on impulse.

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