At Organic Cotton Colours we are starting to apply a new pricing policy. Through the internal cost optimization, which allows us to reduce the final price of some clothes, we continue to defend our values ​​of extending the use of organic cotton and sustainable fashion.

Thus, from now on, our line of #OCCBasics underwear is at a cheaper price to take care of and pamper our most sensitive areas.

And the benefits of using clothes made using organic cotton and the purest processes possible are many: prevention of redness, itching, allergies, dermatitis, eczema and other skin conditions caused by the presence of chemicals in the clothes. They are also especially indicated for those with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) and fibromyalgia.

Like all our clothes, always made with #OCCGuarantee organic cotton, Organic Cotton Colours underwear is free of dyes and toxic substances, and has not been subjected to any of the wet processes of conventional clothes (washing only).

Other benefits of our organic cotton underwear are:

  • Softness and comfort, very pleasant to the touch.
  • No aggressive seams.
  • Minimizes skin contact.
  • Highly breathable



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