We are going to Mexico! The global event Texto will take place in Mexico City from February 5 to 8. It presents a meeting committed to beauty, sustainability and quality that works as a meeting point between artisans, activists, thinkers, creators and artists. In total, 45 textile teachers from 23 different countries will participate in round tables where the future of sustainable fashion will be discussed. We highlight a conference by Dr. Vandana Shiva, one of the most important climate activists of the moment.

Texto is a space for people who value sustainability and responsible consumption over current business trends. Its main objective is to inspire young people to create a more sustainable future. The event will take place at Casa Pedregal, considered cultural heritage of Mexico and a masterpiece of modern architecture. It will be a privilege for us to participate in such an important event on a global scale and to be able to transmit our knowledge and experience to people with the same objective as us in terms of quality and sustainability.

The space for this event is limited so that we provide you with the link to be able to buy your ticket online for Texto Mexico so you do not have to be telled about it!

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