From Organic Cotton Colors we welcome La font del Gat, who joins the projects with OCCGuarantee soul and you can already find in our online store. This brand was born in 2020, combining fashion, art and love for animals, with the aim of making versatile and sustainable fashion, prioritizing quality, durability, ethics and respect for the environment.

The font of the Gat collaborates with artists to create unique prints, and uses our fabrics to produce clothes that respect the environment and our skin.

In addition, 10% of the benefits of this company go to animal protectors, to be able to care, feed and help animals as much as they can.

As they themselves affirm: “If you are more of action than of words, if you enjoy a coherent life and love to contribute to a better world, La Font del Gat has been thought with love for you.”

You can find more information about them on its Instagram @lafontdelgat.slowfashion.


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