Natural cotton comes in a multitude of colours such as ecru, brown and green, which are the colours we grow.
If you weren’t aware of this fact, you might think we were innovating, but we’re just doing what comes naturally.

We supervise the whole production process from planting the seeds through to manufacturing the garments, including cultivation and spinning.
And we do so by working closely with the growers and companies who are just as much a part of our project as we are.

In this way we obtain truly pure organic cotton in the natural colours of the Earth, purchased through fair trade, in complete harmony with the environment, and with the utmost respect towards the growers who tend the plants and the people who wear our clothing.

Project OCCGuarantee Documentary

(Only in spanish)

Sometimes it’s a simple matter of pausing to listen to your inner voice.
And when you get the feeling that you’ve done something good, there’s no need for anything more.