When we created Organic Cotton Colours, can not imagine that our clothes could end up being a necessity. The urban lifestyle and the many chemicals and electromagnetic fields to which we are subjected daily have grown, exponentially, requiring Organic Cotton Colours fabrics in order to improve life’s quality.

Currently, there are millions of affected peoples with different pathologies triggered to chemical smells, people that feel discomfort when they use certain clothing or are close to low frequency electromagnetic fields. Thousands of these men and women remain waiting for their illness worldwide recognition. Many people, in a society that prioritizes profit above health, do not even know the reason for their condition.

It is known that there is a direct relationship between fibromyalgia (fatigue, pain, blackouts …), MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) and electrosensitivity (extreme sensitivity to magnetic fields). At Organic Cotton Colours we have become aware through the direct testimony of people affected who have done a great job of outreach, partnerships that promote and encourage the use of our products as a palliative measure. The absolute lack of chemicals in our clothes in the whole process, the refusal to use dyes and our extreme care in the making, so that we used only certified organic cotton low conductivity, have turned into an instrument facilitating the daily life of a percentage, unfortunately, increasingly high population.

It’s 25 years of experience and dedication to our customers, hundreds of testimonies from concerned associations, naturalists, clinics … Our desire is to work closely with them, collaborating with talks, lectures, guided tours and better prices. Organic Cotton Colours wants to serve as a support platform for a more sustainable lifestyle, healthy and natural.
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