What colour do you imagine cotton to be? You’d almost certainly say white. Yet what if we told you that was wrong?
What if we told you that natural cotton comes in a multitude of colours, such as ecru, brown and green?

‘White’ cotton, contrary to popular belief, is not the original version. Thousands of years ago, cotton grew in many different colours and it was Man, purely for economic interests, who took care of eliminating this beautiful diversity in order to create a single crop that needed hundreds of chemicals to survive.

It is known that one fourth of all the insecticies used around the world are used solely for growing conventional cotton. Once the fabric has been woven, other dyes are added which damage the environment. Conventional cotton growing and processing methods account for 10% of all the pollution on our planet.

Many of the products used are known carcinogens, while the pesticides and toxic substaces applied to the earth turn croplands into sterile plains. The chemicals used in making conventional cotton garments remain in the fabric and can cause or aggravate health problems in users: rashes, itcing, dermatitis, eczema and other skin disorders.


Organic Cotton Colours respects the planet as well as you.

No chemicals or synthetic products are used in the growing and manufacturing processes of Organic Cotton Colours products. Our seeds and plants are free from genetic engineering and pests are controlled by other insects. We only use top quality certified organic cotton, obtaining a fine, strong and regular thread in the exact same colour in which it grew on the plant.