Direct benefits of producing with us:

An informative capsule containing information and photos of the brand so you can give your clients full details of the origin and traceability of the product.

OCCGuarantee labels for the full production run, certifying the traceability and transparency of the product through the following information: who produces the cotton, where it is grown and to what criteria, and where and how the product is spun, woven and manufactured. Our stamp guarantees that the whole process takes place under our supervision using our own 100% organic cotton as the raw material.

Free and unlimited space (for the collection) on our website and online store. Direct link to our website/store.

Post on our blog and the Facebook page that promotes the project.

Option of selling your articles directly through our online store at no extra charge and with no commission payable.

The chance to be a partner in the project we are running in Brazil which involves 150 independent growers and their families.

We can produce tailor-made production runs for a minimum of 300 units per model and colour in different sizes.

The usual procedure is for the client to send us a sample, a comprehensive data sheet or the patterns so we can provide a quotation for the product. We work both for brands that already have collections on the market and want to manufacture in Europe and for companies that want to develop new projects using our textiles.

What we offer our clients is our comprehensive production infrastructure: we can develop any product so long as it is made from our textiles and our services can also include pattern-making, measurement tables, special bespoke finishes, customized labels, individual packaging, embroidery, printing, etc.

Our knitted fabrics are woven in Portugal at a very reputable factory with the capacity to meet our high quality standards for apparel manufacture. Other kinds of materials such as knitwear, towelling and household fabrics are produced at very reliable workshops in Catalonia with whom we have been working for many years.

If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us by email or telephone. We will be delighted to answer any queries you may have and give you an accurate quotation for your project.

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