The team at Organic Cotton Colours and the Higher School of Art and Design of Valencia have signed a collaboration agreement to roll out an initiative to promote sustainability as an essential value in the training of fashion designers.

To minimise fabric waste after production of our organic cotton, the OCC sent part of our surplus to the students of EASD Valencia so they had fabric of the utmost purity with which to make the prototypes of the winning designs of our awards.

In turn, the students on the Co-Design & Sustainability Master course applied Zero Waste techniques to ensure there was absolutely no wastage from the design and pattern-cutting process.

In an industry that generates tonnes of waste every year, we are working together to implement a more sustainable model.

We would like to thanks the EASD and all its students for taking part in the Organic Cotton Colours Awards.


1st Prize: Tania Tommasi

2nd Prize: Vicent Benavent

2nd Prize: Leti Navarro

3rd Prize: Lorena Garcia

Carmen Pastoriza

Grisell Carballo


1st Prize: Irati Buzunáriz

2nd Prize: Elsa García

3rd Prize: Paloma Cabrera



Irene de la Osa Lucas


Monica Santiago


Ana García


Ana Filaho 2

1st Prize – 2016: Ana Fialho
Photo: Laura Pérez Antelo
Model: José Modejar

Irene Jimenez 1

2nd Prize – 2016: Irene Jiménez
Photo: Patricia Gázquez
Model: Julia Ferrer
Make-up: Nohemí Pecina

Maillen Raimondi 2

3rd Prize – 2016: Maillén Raimondi
Photo: Patricia Gázquez
Model: Julia Ferrer
Make-up: Nohemí Pecina